Sunday, February 25, 2024

    Bulgaria plans to improve electric grid

    Bulgaria will spend about 260 million EUR on modernization activities related to the planning, management and monitoring of the electricity system and the need for its flexible management, the Bulgarian Energy Ministry stated on Thursday.

    The Ministry of Energy, together with representatives of the Bulgarian electricity transmission system operator, ESO, organized a public discussion with stakeholders of the project for digital transformation and development of ESO’s information systems, added the ministry. The project is part of Bulgaria’s Recovery and Sustainability Plan and envisages the introduction of modern digital tools to provide the necessary maneuverability, security, reliability and rapid response in the management of the power system in low-carbon production. Its implementation will increase the flexibility of the operational management of the system. The aim of the project is to make ESO’s network more flexible and open to neighboring systems, as well as to enable the possibility of easier transmission of electricity. To this end, both the substations and the telecommunications infrastructure will be modernized, so as to organize free electricity highways throughout the country and with neighboring countries, mentioned the ministry.