Thursday, July 25, 2024

    The Greek company PPC (DEI) will build the Chebren hydropower plant, it will cost one billion euros

    The Greek consortium PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION S.A. – Greece & ARCHIRODON GROUP N.V. – Greece, received the concession for the use of Crna Reka water in North Macedonia for the production of electricity by building hydroelectric power plants, the government press service announced, after holding the 185th session.

    From there, they say that a decision has been made that envisages the realization of the most important energy project in the country – the Chebren hydroelectric plant.

    The estimated value of the investment is about 1 billion euros, which envisages the construction of a reversible Chebren hydropower plant, with an installed capacity of at least 333 MW. HC Chebren is planned to have the function of electricity production, as well as the mode of pumping and water return, which means the creation of a new artificial lake on Crna Reka.

    After the completion of the design, and the provision of the necessary documents, it is expected to start with construction, which is expected to last 7 years.

    This is the fourteenth attempt to grant a concession to Crna Reka. This one was preceded by 13 unsuccessful tenders for Chebren in the past 20 years. The idea for Cebren originates from the 60s of the last century. The last public call, before the current one, was published in 2016.