Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    The decline in electricity production in North Macedonia continues

    According to the State Statistical Office, the decline in electricity production continues. In September 2020, unlike last year’s production in the same period, production is decreased by 6.6%. This year’s gross production is 455,693 MWh, while last year’s production in September was 488,064 MWh.

    The decline in production from thermal power plants is 20%, gross production this year in September was 208,481 MWh, compared to last year’s production in this period of 260,915 MWh. This is due to the overhaul of Block 3 from Mining Power Complex “Bitola” and with the completion of the overhaul, production is expected to return to last year levels.

    The production of electricity from hydro-power plants on the other hand is still higher than last year by 31%, but with the disconnection of these plants due to the unfavorable hydro-logical situation is expected to have a reduction in production in the next period.

    According to the State Statistical Office, the gross domestic production of electricity participates with 85.3% in the gross domestic consumption of electricity, while 97.7% of the total coal consumption is used for electricity production.