Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Gasoline price up slightly, diesel and extra light fuel evened up

    As of midnight, gasoline prices rise by Mden 0.5, while diesel price increases by Mden 3 and evens up with that of extra light household fuel, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said on Wednesday.

    The price of EUROSUPER BS 95 is Mden 67.5 per liter, EUROSUPER BS 98 is Mden 69.5 per liter, while EURODIESEL – Mden 58 per liter.

    The price of extra light household fuel increases by Mden 13.5 and now stands at Mden 58.

    The price of crude oil also remains unchanged at Mden 34,779 per kilogram.

    The price correction, which comes only a couple of days after the last one, results from the amendments to the Law on Excise Tax that the Parliament has adopted, related to the evening up of the prices of extra light household and diesel fuels.