Monday, December 11, 2023

    Кovachevski: we temporarily withdraw from investing in Belene, we are focusing on Alexandropoulis

    The General Manager of state company Power Plants of North Macedonia (ESM) Vasko Kovachevski announced this afternoon that the state is temporarily abandoning investments in the Bulgarian nuclear power plant Belene and is focusing on investments in a gas power plant in Alexandropoulis.

    In a video address to the Macedonian Energy Forum, Kovacevski said that the investment in Alexandroupolis is expected to improve the company’s performance in terms of stable electricity production.

    – I want to emphasize that we are temporarily abandoning the planned investment in the nuclear power plant in Belene, Republic of Bulgaria and focusing on the possibility of investing in a gas power plant near the gas terminal in Alexandropoulis, Greece. Power plant with installed capacity up to 800 megawatts in which our country through ESM would have ownership of 25 percent and up to 200 megawatts which will significantly improve the company’s performance in terms of stable electricity production, said Kovachevski.

    North Macedonia announced last year that it was interested in being part of the Belene project, a project that Bulgaria has repeatedly announced and canceled.