Saturday, April 20, 2024

    Solar panels on building roofs are mandatory in Berlin from 2023

    In the capital of Germany, Berlin, a decision was made for the mandatory installation of photovoltaic or thermal-solar installations on the roofs of new buildings as well as the renovation of existing roofs from January 1, 2023.
    This is part of an effort to cover 25% of our solar electricity needs by 2050

    Solar energy plays a key role on the road to climate-neutral Berlin and the German capital sets an example in terms of climate protection and energy transition for other countries and municipalities in the country.

    Exceptions to this obligation will be made for roofs facing north or where installing solar panels is technically impossible, according to reports.

    With this decision, Berlin follows in the footsteps of other cities and regions around the world that require parts of new private or public buildings to have solar panels on the roof.

    Roofs in the EU have the potential to generate 680 TWh of solar electricity per year and cover a quarter of current consumption, according to SolarPower Europe.