Wednesday, February 1, 2023

    Almost 40% of electricity needs are covered by imports

    According to the State Statistical Office, in October 2020, the total electricity consumption was 622,618 MWh. Gross domestic production of electricity participates with 61.55% in the gross domestic consumption of electricity, while 96.4% of the total coal consumption is used for electricity production.

    This is the highest percentage of coverage of consumption with import of electricity lately, given that the coverage of consumption with production of energy from domestic sources in September was 85.3%, in August as much as 94.7% and in July 92.4% of the total electricity needs in the country.

    The largest decline is in the production of electricity from hydropower plants due to the unfavorable hydrological condition of rivers and lakes from 15.6%, from 69,879 MWh to 59,007 MWh, while there is an increase in the production of electricity from wind farms of large 57.1%, from 5,140 MWh at 8,074 MWh.