Tuesday, September 26, 2023

    PM ZAEV: AS A RESULT OF the prespa agreement we have started cooperation with greece in the field of energy thus becoming a leading country in the region WITH REGARD TO green energy investments

    “The economic cooperation with Greece after Prespa has been enhanced in a way that was unimaginable before that”, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev stated in his interview for the TV station Slobodna TV and added that the PriceWaterhouseCoopers transaction consultants, hired to prepare the contracts and memoranda of cooperation for our country’s investment in Greece, have been accepted and soon they will be reviewed and adopted by the Government.

    “The relations have been confirmed and we have been informed that the suggestions on certain remarks in regard to the contracts and memoranda have been accepted. We intend to invest in the Alexandroupolis LNG Terminal, worth 400 million Euros and supported with a 170 million Euros EU grant. We are going to participate with 10%, while Greece and Bulgaria’s share is 25% each and the rest is private capital. We will additionally participate with 25% in the 400 million Euros worth gas-fired power plant, which will be near the gas terminal, with the capacity of 630 to 830 megawatts. Just to make it clearer what we are talking about, for example one block at REK Bitola is 200 megawatts”, stated Prime Minister Zaev for Slobodna TV.

    He added that this is a result from opening the door for cooperation with Greece, which practically means a huge new investment in renewable sources of energy to replace the coal as energy source.

    “We are not stopping here. We have six new investments in the field of energy, among which Mytilineos is also planning to build a gas-fired power plant in the country. In addition, some intentions for investing in the railway have been declared. There are new investments in agriculture, in the medicinal cannabis industry. Opportunities for enhancing our economic relations with Greece in other areas have also been created. This means perspectives for new jobs, higher salaries as well as growth in the trade exchange between North Macedonia and Greece” Prime Minister Zaev emphasised in his interview for Slobodna TV.