Monday, December 11, 2023

    Zaev / Kovacevski: Mining power complex “Bitola” will be closed for a maximum of fifteen years

    Vasko Kovacevski, General Manager of Power Plants of North Macedonia (ESM), answering a journalist question at a joint event with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, said that in the coming period the country is facing an energy transformation required by the EU, so Block 1 of Mining power complex “Bitola” will work another five years at most and confirmed that the plant will operate for a maximum of 15 more years with only two units.

    – Mining power complex “Bitola” produces 75 percent of the energy and that transition can not be done overnight. Block 1 closes in the first five years, it is the least modernized. Blocks 2 and 3 must operate for the next ten years. They will work for a maximum of 15 years, said the head of ESM.

    Instead of a mining and energy plant, in the future in Bitola he announced that there will be a gas power plant.
    – Our country is a leader in energy transformations. The Oslomej plant goes from coal to the sun. In Bitola there will be production of electricity up to 250 megawatts from a gas power plant, but also photovoltaics and hydropower plants on Tikves, and there are future wind farms in Bogdanci and Miravci. Production of energy from non-environmentally friendly fuels will have to end, he announced.

    According to Prime Minister Zaev, the last license for coal mining will be issued after five to seven years.

    – Although the country does not have the obligations to pay for CO2 arrangements, we must think about the future of the EU. If we have new mines planned, it will be in the next five to seven years. There is no more than that. “On December 28, the bids for the Cebren and Galiste project will be opened, from where 300-400 megawatts of new energy will be produced,” Zaev told reporters.