Monday, May 20, 2024

    The large coverage of electricity consumption from imports continues

    According to the data of the State Statistical Office, in November 2020, the total electricity consumption was 671,057 MWh. The gross domestic production of electricity participates with 60.8% in the gross domestic consumption of electricity, which means that almost 40% of the consumption is covered by imports. 96.2% of the total coal consumption is used for electricity generation.

    The largest decline compared to last year is in the production of electricity from hydropower plants due to unfavorable hydrological condition of rivers and lakes of 63.4% from 87,397 MWh to 31,956 MWh and thermal power plants due to overhauls of 26% from 241,667 MWh to 178,743 MWh , while the largest growth is in the production of electricity from combined power plants (gas power plant TE-TO) with large 218.5% from 49 772 MWh to 158 352 MWh (the amount of electricity produced is almost the same as in Mining power complex Bitola), in wind power plants the growth is 91% from 4 180 MWh to 7 983 MWh and in solar power plants 57.3% from 888 MWh to 1 397 MWh.