Tuesday, September 26, 2023

    State owned Power Plants of North Macedonia (ESM) will import electricity, the drought has “dried up” the hydropower plants

    The Government says that the goal is to protect the interests of the citizens to maintain the price for households at a stable level, as well as possible greater profit for the budget.

    North Macedonia will import electricity in the coming period, due to the unfavourable hydrological situation which complicates the production of electricity. The differences, as announced by the Government, will be compensated through procurement so as not to endanger the wildlife.

    “According to all indicators and comparative averages in the past 15 years, 2020 is extremely bad in terms of hydrological condition, as well as given the more intensive work of hydropower plants in a certain period in recent months due to natural disasters in mines in Mining power complex “Bitola”, the water in the lakes has been used to a greater extent and any further outflow will endanger the ecological minimum of the elevations, necessary for the wildlife.”

    Therefore, to protect the environment and biodiversity, it is necessary to temporarily stop the production of electricity from hydro potentials.

    “According to the annual work plan of ESM, at the beginning of the heating season when the demand for electricity has increased, it was planned to include in the system the Mining power complex “Oslomej”, where technical readiness of the thermal power plant is provided. However, at this moment the thermal power plant cannot be put into production due to the also unfavourable hydrological condition of the system “Studencica”, which provides water for the cooling tower. Mining power complex “Bitola” works with two blocks, while block 3 is overhauled. “Unfortunately, no overhauls have been carried out in the past 10 years, which has called into question the confidentiality and security of the blocks,” the government said.

    Hence, they point out that for these reasons, a conclusion was reached ESM for its needs, to procure electricity through its company ELEM Trade, until the normalization of natural conditions that will enable optimal production of facilities that use water directly or indirectly in the production process.

    “It is concluded that in the next period, AD ESM through its company ELEM Trade to develop trading, ie buying and selling electricity, depending on the stock exchange price of electricity and the price of the universal supplier EVN Home, in order to protect the interest of the citizens for maintaining the price for the households at a stable level, as well as a possible bigger profit for the budget “, announced the Government.