Wednesday, February 1, 2023

    Serbia: Pancevo will get a park with 60 windmills

    In Pancevo, construction of a wind power plant with 60 windmills is planned, with an installed capacity of up to 300 MW. The investor of the project is the company Vetrozelena doo Belgrade. This power plant will be built near Banatsko Novo Selo and Dolovo on an area of ​​about 46.4 km2.

    Within the Vetrozelena wind farm, it was originally planned to build 20 to 30 wind turbines with an installed capacity of about 160 MW, but at the beginning of the year the investor submitted a request to double the capacity of the future wind farm, planning to build a wind farm between 40 and 60 wind turbines and maximum 300 MW.

    In the initiative to make a decision on a detailed plan for regulation of the wind farm Vetroselena from September last year, the investor said that the company Vetrozena doo “is a newly established company of the investor CWP Renewables, which has many years of experience and designs wind farms Shibuk 1 in Serbia and Fantanelle in Romania, as well as nine projects in Australia, with a total capacity of more than 3 GW.”

    By the way, the Australian CWP renewables is a joint venture between the British Wind Prospect and the American company Continental Wind Partners (CWP). A local subsidiary of CWP is Continental Wind Serbia, known to the public for being headed by incumbent Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.