Sunday, February 25, 2024

    Record production of electricity from wind farms in PVE “Bogdanci”

    By the end of August, the Bogdanci PVE wind farm delivered a record over 87 GWh of electricity, exceeding the planned production for that period by 37.5 percent and achieving over 91 percent of the planned annual production four months before the end of the year.

    According to power Plants of North Macedonia ESM , the production is higher than planned due to favorable weather conditions and winds greater than 4 meters per second, which are in the projected operating range of PVE “Bogdanci”.

    Wind energy for electricity production is not sufficiently used in the country, although there are good geographical potentials, which is confirmed by all previous studies according to which there are at least 15 more favorable locations for the construction of wind farms.

    In addition to the only park of wind farms in Bogdanci, put into operation in 2014, the second wind farm is to be built near Miravci, near Gevgelija, which envisages enriching the energy system with another 127 gigawatt-hours of electricity.

    According to the latest Strategy for Energy Development until 2040, in the country is planned construction of wind power plants with a total installed capacity of 750 MWh and a total estimated annual electricity production of about 1,800 GWh.