Thursday, March 23, 2023

    The solid rating of Fitch Ratings for PPC perfectly concludes 2020

    The American credit rating agency Fitch Ratings gave a favourable rating to the company PPC, which improves the credit image of the company and makes it one step closer to the capital markets.

    Credit rating agency gave it a BB- rating to PPC and this rating is twice as good as the B rating obtained by S&P in November.

    This rating allows the PPC to begin examining the possibility of borrowing through bond issuance for the first time in six years.

    Fitch Ratings rating was well received at the PPC Athens headquarters, as it not only completed a successful year, but also established a solid foundation for an even better 2021.

    Interpretations of the results by some analysts remain cautiously optimistic. These analysts believe that the consolidation of PPC’s improved position must wait until the announcement of its financial results for this year. The good news about the upcoming 49 per cent privatization of the distribution network operator DEDDIE / HEDNO will also further enhance PPC’s image, they said.

    PPC’s integrated business structure, dominant market position, long-term sustainability as a result of strategic repositioning, and favourable energy sector reforms from 2019 to date have been key factors for a favourable Fitch Ratings rating.

    The consortium of the company PPC and the company Archirodon is one of the ten companies participating in the tender for the project “Chebren” in North Macedonia worth at least 500 million euros