Monday, December 11, 2023

    Greece is a leader in the introduction of renewables in the Balkans in 2020 with 45.5 GW

    Last year, despite a recent reduction in state support for green energy, the Greek Energy Regulatory Authority (RAE) registered 1,864 applications in a combined capacity of 45.5 GW, of which 79.8% were for solar energy. Most applications, 1,286, were for photovoltaics, with a total capacity of 36.3 GW. Wind farms are participating with 423 projects and 8.7 GW.

    According to Energypress, the new online application system developed by cosmONE and the introduction of manufacturer certifications and the European Union target model for the electricity market have significantly reduced the process.

    Greece has recently experienced an explosion in renewable energy projects, which is mainly attributed to the rapid decline in the prices of equipment for solar and wind power plants, competition at auctions for the sale of production from planned facilities and simplification of the licensing process.

    The government in Athens and the Public Power Corporation (PPC) led the way a year ago with a decision to speed up the shutdown of coal-fired power plants and replace them mostly with photovoltaics. Great efforts are being made to help workers in the obsolete industry find other sources of income. Furthermore, programs are being set up to transform the regions affected by coal emissions.

    Greece has also enabled the formation of energy cooperatives. Municipalities and local institutions are installing photovoltaic units to reduce power costs and assist vulnerable groups, while households and even monasteries are joining forces to build solar power plants.

    This month alone, four green energy projects totaling 2.8 GW received strategic investment status. A revolutionary project for sustainable energy and mobility was launched in November on the island of Astipalaya in cooperation with Volkswagen.