Monday, May 20, 2024

    Energy companies have also felt the effects of the pandemic

    ERC noted losses in the six-month reports on the operation of companies in the field of electricity

    Energy companies in the electricity sector recorded losses according to the six-month reports from their operations.

    The Energy Regulatory Commission informs that at the coordination meeting they discussed, among other things, the financial situation and added that from the last submitted six-month reports, negative operating results were registered, although, as they say, the companies strive to maximize those losses. as small as possible.

    – It is a fact that the consequences of the pandemic are reflected in the economic balance sheets. For remediation and amortization of the consequences, in terms of anti-crisis measures, we refer you to the creator Government. We remain open for cooperation within our competencies and at the moment when and if analyzes arrive, this issue will be reviewed again by the ERC and an appropriate decision will be made – say the Commission.

    The General Manager of AD MEPSO Eva Shukleva stated these days that she does not believe that the approved increase of the price of electricity by 11 percent in the area of ​​energy transmission will cause a reduction in electricity consumption.

    She says they can not ask for a price reduction due to ongoing investment projects to improve the transmission network.